3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality

3 Signs Your HVAC System Is Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality Lewis Comfort Control

HVAC systems have been wrongfully accused multiple times of unrelated health problems and causing issues that don’t exist. Fortunately, most of the myths related to HVAC systems have been busted. However, a grain of truth is still there in all the gibberish that people take for granted. There can be situations where your HVAC system can actually affect your air quality and, consequently, your health.

All of these problems are fixable once you can identify the issue. Here are three signs of poor indoor air quality, along with ways to resolve these issues.

Too Much Variation In Temperature

Too much variation in the temperature is among the primal causes of health issues linked with HVAC systems.  The reason for this variation can either be a malfunctioning AC unit or overdoing heating and cooling on purpose. Either way, huge temperature variation from the indoor air to the outdoor air can cause an effect on air quality and discomfort in the long term.

If you feel that your heating or cooling is too strong and you need to tone it down a little bit, it might just be that. It is advisable in this condition to adjust the airflow to a more desirable setting. This will not only improve your comfort but will also improve the performance of your AC unit.

Unpleasant Odor from HVAC Unit

The outer unit of an air conditioner mounted on a wall with fungus

Consider it a sign that your AC unit needs urgent maintenance. If any strange odor is emanating from the duct of your air conditioner, it can be due to mold, fungi, inadequate airflow, or pest or animal infestation.

Call a certified HVAC technician as soon as you notice any unusual odor from your duct to inspect the vent system. Along with that, keep your HVAC system turned off unless the issue is fully resolved. If the smell remains even when your AC is on standby, block the duct temporarily and open all windows to allow fresh air to enter.

Your HVAC System Fails to Control Air Humidity

You might miss a crucial aspect of HVAC, the indoor humidity control, if all that you care about is the inside temperature of your house. If your HVAC unit didn’t come preinstalled with a hygrometer, purchase one separately and install it with your AC unit. This will help you keep the humidity level desirable.

If your Air conditioner drops the temperature rapidly, the humidity in the room won’t be able to escape, and the result can be pretty uncomfortable. Once again, an oversized unit is to be blamed for this. Fix this issue immediately.

Your air conditioning unit should always provide fresh, healthy air and a comfortable environment. When the changes in the air and environment from the HVAC system become noticeable, consider it the right time to have it inspected by a certified professional.

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