Commercial AC Services in Nashville

AC Services for Commercial Properties in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control

When you own a business or a commercial property in Nashville, you need the right tools to beat the Nashville summer heat and keep the interior of your property comfortably cool for your tenants, employees, or customers. This requires an air conditioner that is reliable and powerful enough to cool your facility without exceeding your budget, and the commercial AC services in Nashville to maintain it.

Lewis Comfort Control is an HVAC company that provides AC services to commercial properties in Nashville. With our fast response, wide array of services, and knowledgeable team, we can assist with your AC repairs, installations, regular maintenance, and more. To learn more about our commercial services, schedule a technician visit at (615) 440-9564. 

AC Services for Businesses in Nashville 

The air conditioning unit at your business is an investment, meaning you want to be sure that you have the right services to extend its lifetime and keep it functioning efficiently over the years. Our expertise at Lewis Comfort Control enables us to provide proactive maintenance and high quality repairs. 

We partner with commercial properties in Nashville to provide the routine maintenance necessary for your AC and other HVAC equipment. During these visits, a recommended step in the spring to prepare your air conditioning for summer, we conduct a thorough servicing. We use a multi-point maintenance checklist to perform the necessary steps, including:

  • Changing Out Filters 
  • Checking Electrical Components
  • Clearing Drains
  • Replacing Belts
  • Lubricating Mechanical Parts

At this time, we will also check for signs of a potential problem so that we can implement a fix now, instead of waiting for that issue to get worse, and potentially leaving your property without AC or setting you up for an expensive repair in the future.

But if at any point during the summer your AC begins to malfunction or you notice the early signs of an issue, Lewis Comfort Control offers commercial AC repair. We determine the source of the issue and provide the required repair. We know what every minute without AC during a hot day can mean for your business, so we prioritize completing the job as quickly as possible.

Nashville AC Installation and Replacement for Commercial Properties

In addition to maintenance on existing AC units, Lewis Comfort Control can also install a new AC. We have services for central air, ductless air conditioning, and other solutions to provide the right cooling options for your commercial property.

Our comprehensive installation process takes into account your commercial property’s cooling needs, enabling us to suggest the right equipment and capacity for your new air conditioning. We can install the main unit, run ductwork, and manage other parts of the AC installation process.

We can also replace the AC if an older unit has reached the end of its lifespan and is no longer cost effective to maintain.

Businesses and Industries We Work With

The AC solutions at Lewis Comfort Control are suitable for all the businesses in Nashville, whether you need to cool a small shop or rely on an efficiently working AC unit to keep multiple floors cool, our services are robust enough to meet the needs of commercial customers that include:

  • Office Complexes
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Entertainment Properties 
  • Schools 
  • Healthcare Facilities 
  • Stores and Retailers, and More 

To meet the needs of our different customers, we can work with commercial rooftop HVAC units, single zone and multiple zone ACs, and a variety of other cooling configurations of any size and complexity.

About Lewis Comfort Control – The Leading Company for Commercial AC Repair in Nashville 

Lewis Comfort Control is a local business with powerful solutions that enable us to adequately serve commercial properties throughout Nashville. We are your expert in HVAC services, giving you the freedom to focus on the other aspects of property ownership and running your business while you depend on our team for honest, personalized air conditioning services.

Our goal is to help your business stay efficient and within your budget, and you can depend on Lewis Comfort Control for services that are:

  • Transparent – We are always upfront about the issues we see during AC maintenance or repairs. We will explain our recommended solutions in depth so you can be sure that we will deliver the right results.
  • Guaranteed Work – We back our work with a satisfaction guarantee and can provide additional support if your AC is not working as it should after installation or repair.
  • Cost Effective Solutions – Our extensive knowledge and fast work make it possible for us to provide a rapid solution at a more affordable cost, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

In addition to AC service, Lewis Comfort Control is a full service commercial heating and air company. We can also provide commercial furnace and heating services, indoor air quality services, and other solutions for your business. 

Get an AC Service Quote – Contact Lewis Comfort Control

A powerful and dependable air conditioning requires that your business partner with the right team. Here in Nashville, you can trust Lewis Comfort Control to provide the AC maintenance solutions that your commercial property needs. Call us at (615) 440-9564 to get started with a quote for your service.