Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Services in Nashville, TN w/ Lewis Comfort Control

For energy efficient heating and cooling – as well as lower cost energy bills – a heat pump is a top solution. A heat pump is a single unit with the option to heat or cool. But instead of producing heat or cool air, it redistributes heat. In winter, it pulls heat from the air outside and distributes it inside your home. In the summer, it does the opposite, all with the direction controlled by the reversing valve.

When you want to install a heat pump in Nashville or maintain your current pump, Lewis Comfort Control provides expert and affordable heat pump services in Nashville. We plan our HVAC and heat pump services around your equipment and home to provide a personalized experience that offers exactly what you need. Call us at (615) 440-9564 to begin the process with a free quote.

Nashville Heat Pump Installation Services

Nashville’s milder winter climates can make a heat pump the ideal option for heating and cooling your home. Because a heat pump combines the functions of an air conditioner and furnace into a single unit, it saves on space and maintenance costs, while offering an efficient climate control solution for homeowners in Nashville.

For those considering installing a heat pump, Lewis Comfort Control can discuss the various options and help you determine which unit will be most suitable for your home and budget. During the heat pump installation, our team works carefully without ever cutting corners to provide the optimal installation for efficiency and the long term working of your new heat pump.

We complete the process with final testing to make sure that everything is working as expected and provide initial guidelines on how to use your heat pump to keep your home at the right temperature in all seasons.