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AC Installation and AC Replacement in Nashville, TN from Lewis Comfort Control

Without a powerful cooling system in your home, dealing with the warm and humid months in Nashville can be miserable. When you are remodeling or building onto a home, installing an AC unit is almost always one of the steps you will take before you move in, but homes with existing HVAC systems will also need a new AC installation in Nashville when the old unit breaks down or starts to become less efficient.

Lewis Comfort Control provides AC installation in Nashville to help you upgrade to the best cooling system for your home. AC installation is an in-depth process and a significant investment, so our team delivers services you can trust to assist you throughout the entire process with high quality work and affordable costs to make sure that your home stays comfortable. Get a quote on Nashville air conditioning installation at (615) 440-9564.

Types of Air Conditioners We Install 

You have multiple options for keeping your home cool with a new AC in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control. We install all common types of HVAC units including:

  • Central Air Conditioners – This is the most popular type of air conditioner in Nashville. It is able to cool an entire home using a central AC unit that we install outdoors. This unit disperses air through a duct system in your home. It is a powerful cooling method that adds value to any home.
  • Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners – Ductless air conditioners are becoming more prevalent in Nashville for their lower cost and energy efficiency. They are ideal for heating smaller spaces or single rooms. The mini split system uses one coil in the indoor unit, often installed near the ceiling in the room you wish to cool, and an additional coil in an outdoor unit stall installed on an exterior wall. It is quiet and does not require ductwork.

In addition to choosing between different types of systems, you will also need to choose an AC with the right capacity for your property size, layout, number of windows and doors, insulation quality, and more.  Both central air conditioners and split system ACs are available in ranges of about 12,000 to 60,000 BTU. Cooling a larger square footage will naturally need an HVAC unit with greater capacity. 

Lewis Comfort Control can help you decide which type of AC is best for your cooling needs and your budget. We will also advise you on which size of AC will sufficiently cool your home.

Both central air and ductless AC units are designed to last for 20 years or more, making your AC an important investment in your future comfort and your home’s value. Our team will discuss all the pros and cons of the various units to help you make the right choice. 

Our AC Installation Process 

For an air conditioner in Nashville to function efficiently throughout the life of the unit while requiring minimal repairs and maintenance, AC installation in Nashville must be done properly. Lewis Comfort Control has many years of experience in AC installation. We have installed all types of HVAC systems from many manufacturers and know how to optimize any AC system you are adding to your property.

Every part of our process is done to meet Nashville building code requirements, EPA guidelines for refrigerant handling, and manufacturer’s specifications. We also install each unit with extreme attention to detail to be sure every part of the installation and the functionality of an HVAC unit meets our high standards.

The AC replacement process has many details to consider, but our team never cuts corners. We handle every step of the process:

  • Manage Existing Unit Removal – We properly recover refrigerant in your old AC unit in accordance with EPA standards before disconnecting the old AC and disposing of it.
  • Prepping the Location – When installing a new central AC, many units are 20% to 50% larger than older units. We make sure that your new AC will fit. We also prep the pad to make it level and ensure support for the unit.
  • Replace Indoor Evaporator Coil – We remove the existing indoor coil if there is one and install the new one above the furnace. We also place the drain pan and any other components.
  • Replace Copper Refrigerant Lines – Refrigerant line sets convey refrigerant from the condenser outdoors to the evaporator coil indoors. These are usually on the bottom of floor joists, but maybe concealed, in which case we might need to run new ones. We install these lines with the most direct path for best efficiency.
  • Setting the New Unit – We unpackage and place the AC unit in the correct location and connect the line set with brazing, which is similar to welding and helps prevent leaks.
  • Reconnect Wiring – We install a new service disconnect box, which may or may not have been present on your old AC depending on its age, to prevent any power surges and then attach wiring to the power source.
  • Testing – The final step is to start up your AC and run it to be sure everything is working properly and make any necessary adjustments before we determine that the AC installation is complete.

Depending on the type of air conditioning unit we are installing, your preferences, and the existing heating and cooling framework within the house, there may be additional steps that we need to take throughout the process. We will identify these steps during the initial inspection and are able to adjust our services as needed to create a process that exactly fits the specifications of your AC replacement in Nashville.

Throughout this process, we work quickly to have your AC installed, previous parts removed safely, and your home returned to its previous condition – now with a high efficiency cooling system – as soon as possible. 

Why Install a New AC in Nashville?

Installing central air is a standard step during most new builds or renovations in Nashville, but AC replacement is also necessary at every home at some point. Air conditioning systems are not meant to last forever and after a few decades, the ongoing need for repairs as well as upgrades to heating and cooling technology that make newer units more reliable means that AC replacement in Nashville will eventually be a good financial decision.

Our Nashville AC repair and servicing team can help you determine if you should consider a new AC installation, but often people dealing with frequent breakdowns and repair costs or those who have noticed rising energy costs from an aging AC that is struggling to keep up with the heat should plan for AC replacement.

What Makes Lewis Comfort Control the Best Choice for AC Installation in Nashville?

Installing a new AC in Nashville is an investment. This makes it important that you work with a Nashville AC installation company that can manage the process correctly. Lewis Comfort Control has worked with homeowners in Nashville, Goodlettsville, White Creek, and more for years to install air conditioners. We also provide commercial AC installation for local business properties. 

Our goal is to be with you from the beginning of the process to the completed installation and beyond. We will help you select the right air conditioning for your home and budget, install it to meet all building standards, and give you advice on how to use your new AC to optimally cool your home. We are also trained in annual AC maintenance and the repairs that your new AC unit may need in future years. 

For all of your AC services, you can rely on Lewis Comfort Control for:

  • Competitive Pricing – Since we provide flat rate and transparent pricing, our pricing structure is simple with no unexpected fees for an AC install. We will provide an upfront estimate so you know exactly what to expect for your AC repair.
  • 100% Warranty – We guarantee that your new AC will work properly, and are licensed, bonded, and insured for your additional peace of mind.
  • Professional Technicians – Our team is honest, friendly, and professional while we are working in your home and is happy to answer your questions about AC services in Nashville and the best options for your home.

We support homes and businesses throughout Nashville with our full service heating and cooling solutions. Whatever the size of your home, budget, or cooling needs, we can provide an AC installation for your family.

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