The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for Nashville Residents

The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for Nashville Residents

The Ultimate Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for Nashville Residents Lewis Comfort Control

Do you know how important a summer home maintenance checklist is for your property’s structural integrity and upkeep? Summertime home maintenance plays an integral part in keeping your home functional and energy-efficient during warm days.

Whether you live in a condo or a big family home in Nashville, you must carry out routine maintenance to ensure its structural wellbeing and the health of your folks. This task will help you save maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

Here’s the ultimate list to help you get ahead of this chore.

Deep Cleaning & Washing

Summers are the best season to give your home a much needed deep clean. Dust accumulation can lead to compromised indoor air quality and curb appeal.

A deep clean will not only get rid of the dirt and dust piled up during the winter, but also enhance the aesthetics of your property.

Here are some pre-pressure washing considerations to maximize its efficacy: 

  • Shut the doors and windows when washing your home’s exterior.
  • Focus on sidewalks, staircases, and garage area.
  • Clean the interior with damp cloth and vacuums. Avoid splashing water as it can damage fixtures, furniture, and electrical equipment
  • Use a simple garden hose instead of a power washer to save energy.

Only use EPA-approved cleaning products

AC Repair and Maintenance: A MUST

Our technicians in Nashville and trained to detect and address all kinds of issues in different types of cooling systems.

Also consider getting your fans, exhausts, and air ducts checked to ensure they’re free of dust and hardware faults. As part of routine maintenance, don’t forget to clean your air conditioner’s filters at least once a month. They’re incredibly easy to remove, wash, and re-install. For more information, refer to the manufacturer’s manual.

Improve Airflow

One of the biggest challenges that most homeowners face during summertime is high humidity levels.  Humidity can make your skin feel sticky and hair damp.

High levels of humidity can also accelerate mold and mildew growth, damage walls and ceiling, and affect wooden furniture and fittings. To manage and reduce summertime humidity inside your Nashville home, consider getting the ducts and vents cleaned by professional duct cleaners.

Move away bulky appliances and furniture away from windows to allow a clearer, more open passage for fresh air. Clean the carpets and other upholstery items to remove accumulated dust that might lead to respiratory and skin issues.

Lewis Comfort Control offers HVAC maintenance and dehumidification services in Nashville.

We proudly offer a wide-range of AC maintenance and heat pump services for Nashville residents at the best prices.

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