4 Expensive But Avoidable HVAC Repairs

Regardless of their make and model, all home heating and cooling units are vulnerable to mechanical issues over time. However, these problems can be diagnosed and fixed during regular maintenance checks before they become bigger or unrepairable. Here are four expensive HVAC repairs that can often be avoided through routine HVAC inspections.

Coil and Compressor Breakdown

The primary component of any commercial or residential HVAC system is its compressor. The compressor of an HVAC system compresses back the vaporized refrigerant into fluid and pushes it into the second most important component of your HVAC system, its coils. Replacing a broken compressor and coil can cost you almost as much as the outer unit itself. Regular inspection and maintenance can increase the functionality and life of both the compressor and the coil. Moreover, small issues with these components can be spotted and fixed during an inspection before they completely damage these components.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant in an AC unit’s coils produces a low temperature that keeps your home comfortable and cool. Low refrigerant levels can cause the condenser to work harder in keeping the air at the desired temperature. A condenser working more than its optimum level for an extended period can lead to a full breakdown.

A small leak in the coil can provide space for refrigerant to leak. Spotting and fixing a leak in your AC unit requires time, even for a professional technician. This can be an expensive repair. Along with the repair charges, you will also be charged for the refilling of the refrigerant again.

During regular HVAC maintenance check-ups, technicians check all the components of your HVAC for any possible leaks and strengthen any part of your coil that appears weak. Protecting your HVAC from leaks will not just ensure a problem-free HVAC but will also keep you from spending a hefty amount on gas refills.

Condenser Breakdown

Modern HVAC systems usually consist of indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit is called a condenser. The condenser expels all the heat outside through condensation. No matter how strong the condenser appears, this part is highly susceptible to performance problems due to various factors. These factors include refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, and damage by debris. It takes hours for even the most experienced technicians to diagnose and fix the exact issue. This also means the repair cost for a condenser can add up quickly. Having routine check-ups for the health of your HVAC can keep the condenser in perfectly working condition.

Damaged Fan Motor

An outer unit of an air conditioner mounted on a wall

The outdoor unit of an HVAC system has an inbuilt fan that exhausts heat and hot air out of the HVAC system. Too much debris and dirt falling into the wings and motor of the fan can break it down. Dirt and debris can deposit quickly in the outer units. Cleaning all the dirt from the outdoor unit can be frustrating even for “Monica Gellers” of the time. Having a trusted HVAC technician for addressing this issue during regular inspections while it is still minor can extend the efficiency and life of both the motor and fan.

Many severe issues in heating and air conditioning systems start as relatively inexpensive and small ones. These issues are usually deliberately neglected. Having tune-ups and regular inspections by a trusted HVAC contractor can help you avoid expensive and unwanted breakdowns resulting from dirty coils, debris, low refrigerant level, low lubricant level, and loose wiring.

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