Heating Service and Repair in Nashville, TN

Heating Service and Repair in Nashville, TN with Lewis Comfort Control

When the weather starts getting cold in Nashville, you want to know that you can rely on your heater to keep your home comfortable in the low temperatures. But heaters naturally age and need regular maintenance and the occasional repair to keep them performing efficiently. 

Lewis Comfort Control is a heater maintenance company in Nashville. We work on multiple kinds of furnaces to provide regular maintenance that keeps your heater in top condition and repairs for heaters that are not working correctly, all with a friendly team. Contact us at (615) 440-9564 to learn about our affordable Nashville heating services.

Furnace Maintenance Services at Lewis Comfort Control

As heaters age and you use them year after year, various parts wear out and need to be replaced. Other components need occasional tuneups to be sure that they are still working efficiently. This ongoing maintenance is a standard part of keeping your heater running.

Many furnace manufacturers recommend annual heater maintenance, as does our team at Lewis Comfort Control. The best time for this is in the fall before you turn your heater on for the first time, but we can provide a Nashville furnace tune up at any time, whether it has been a few years since your last one or you have noticed your heater is not providing the same level of comfort as it used to.

With our heater maintenance, we will take care of tasks such as:

  • Replacing Air Filters – As your heater runs, the air filters collect dust. This is valuable for keeping your home environment clean, but too much dust in the filters can block the flow of hot air.
  • Check Wiring – We inspect all wiring to your furnace and replace any wiring that may be frayed or have a bad connection.
  • Check for Leaks – If you are using a natural gas furnace in Nashville, we make sure that there are no potentially harmful gas leaks.
  • Check for Carbon Monoxide – Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can develop when a natural gas furnace is not burning completely. We make sure no carbon monoxide is venting from your furnace into your home. 

During maintenance service, we will also check the air temperature that your furnace is outputting and that there are no signs of damage. We will lubricate and switch out any parts that may have become worn since your last service.

This inspection also offers us the chance to spot any issues early on. Often problems with your heater may not initially be obvious and your heater will continue to function as normal until the problem becomes significant. By detecting these issues early, we can often repair them for a lower cost and without the hassle of having to go without heat.

With our furnace maintenance service in Nashville, we can help you get the full lifetime out of your heater and reduce the chance that you will need expensive maintenance services, repairs, or early replacement as your furnace ages. A tuned furnace will often also work more efficiently, giving you a warmer home with a lower energy bill throughout Nashville’s coldest months.

Heater Repair Services from Lewis Comfort Control 

When your furnace breaks down, it can leave you with inefficient heating and costly energy bills. In the worst cases, you may be without heat altogether or face safety risks. All of these make it important to have your heater repaired at the first sign of an issue.

Some of the signs that your furnace is not working correctly include:

  • Unusual banging, rattling, or squealing noises.
  • Excessive dust coming out of your air vents.
  • Strange smell coming from your air vents. 
  • Continuously cycling on and off.
  • Furnace blowing only lukewarm air.
  • Furnace that does not power on at all.
  • Usually high costs on your energy bill.

Generally, any unusual behavior from your heater can be a sign that something is wrong. Our team at Lewis Comfort Control can identify the source of that problem and determine the best method for a repair. We are skilled at diagnosing issues quickly and will provide you an upfront estimate for the cost of the repair method we recommend.

With transparent service, we only suggest solutions that offer you the most cost effective repair while still providing a high quality, long term fix. We pay attention to the details during the inspection and repair to avoid missing any potential problems and to help you get the best functionality out of your furnace.

We also have comprehensive heater services that include furnace installation. If time has come that repairing your heater is no longer an effective option in terms of cost, Lewis Comfort Control can help you select a new heater and provide expert services for heater installation in Nashville.

Why Choose Lewis Comfort Control for Heater Services in Nashville?

Colder days in Nashville are limited, but when they occur, you want to be able to depend on your furnace to keep your house warm and you need a company that you can rely on to provide effective and affordable services that keep your heater running.

Lewis Comfort Control has many years of experience in each HVAC repair in Nashville, Brentwood, and White Creek. We work with heaters and furnaces of all makes and ages, and know how to effectively repair and prevent issues with your heater. Our customers or rely on us to provide:

  • Affordable and Upfront Pricing – With efficient work that gets the job done right the first time, we can provide some of the best prices in Nashville. We also use flat rate pricing and provide cost estimates so that you will know what to expect before we get started with service.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – Our team has all of the credentials necessary to safely service furnaces and reassure your family that our work is done to the highest standard. Additionally, our heating and cooling services are backed by 100% warranty.
  • Friendly Customer Service – Furnace problems and repairs can be stressful. Our team is available to answer all of your questions and provide personable support to make any repairs straightforward

Our heating repair and replacement services in Nashville will manage everything you need to keep the climate of your home comfortable all year long. We provide services to homes throughout the Nashville area, and work with properties of all sizes, and have the training and experience to resolve any type of issue that your heating or cooling system is experiencing.

Contact Lewis Comfort Control for Nashville’s Best Heating Repair

The most effective way to be sure that your home stays comfortable during the winter is through regular maintenance and professional heating repair as soon as you notice a problem. Lewis Comfort Control provides the most reliable heating services in Nashville with fast and guaranteed furnace repair. Let us tell you about our various services, discuss which is right for your property, and provide you with a free quote at (615) 440-9564.