HVAC Services in Nashville, TN

Living in Nashville can be a great experience. There are many wonderful neighborhoods, beautiful scenery, great music, and so much to see and do. But whether you love or hate the weather, working air conditioning and heating are often necessary to keep local homes comfortable all year long, making Nashville HVAC repair and services a necessity.

Lewis Comfort Control provides expert HVAC services. Nashville AC repair and servicing, furnace and heat pump repair, installations, and air quality solutions are all part of our comprehensive list of services, each provided by our professional team at affordable prices. Schedule HVAC repair or maintenance service at (615) 440-9564.

Air Conditioner, Furnace, and Air Quality Services We Offer 

At Lewis Comfort Control, our expert HVAC technicians provide heating and cooling services that encompass all of the regular servicing, repair, installation, and more that local homeowners can rely on. We are able to install each of the systems you need and make sure that systems are functioning as efficiently as possible.

In the process, we provide top quality and long lasting work, making us the leading choice for affordable heating and cooling in Nashville.

AC Repair in Nashville

A reliable AC makes summers in Nashville far more comfortable by keeping heat and humidity under control inside of your home. The best way to prepare for summertime temperatures is with air conditioner service in the spring before you turn your AC on for the first time.

Our team will perform an inspection of the unit during AC service to look for any problems that may have developed during the previous summer or throughout the offseason. We will also take care of regular maintenance steps, often including:

  • Checking Belts
  • Repairing Broken Elements
  • Lubricating Moving Parts 
  • Cleaning Drain Pans 
  • Checking Drain Lines
  • Changing Air Filters
  • Cleaning Coils

We can complete any other necessary steps based on the type and age of your unit. With this regular maintenance, we can help reduce the chances of an AC breakdown and extend the life of your HVAC system.

Nashville AC repair is essential whenever your AC stops working or starts to show signs of a problem. This could include when you are not getting cold air from your vents, if you notice strange noises or smells, if your unit is cycling on and off, or if you simply are not achieving the cool temperatures in your house.

We have a fast response when it comes to AC repair so that we can get your air conditioner back up and running as quickly as possible, reducing any time you have to spend suffering from the heat.

Furnace Repair and Services in Nashville

When temperatures drop in Nashville, a heater will help keep you comfortably warm. It can also be helpful for preventing property damage if freezing temperatures occur.

A Nashville furnace tuneup in the fall will make sure that your furnace and ductwork are ready for winter. We also offer furnace repair in Nashville to fix different problems, giving you both effective and cost efficient heating services throughout the winter.

Nashville HVAC Repair and Other HVAC Services

Although important for reliable heating and cooling, repair and annual servicing are only a small part of the services we can provide to local homeowners. Our HVAC repair and HVAC services in Nashville can also include all of the following:

  • Nashville AC Installation – We can install or replace your air conditioning unit. Our experience includes central air, ductless AC, and heat pumps. We can help you choose the right type of system based on your space and work with you throughout the process to give you a high quality and fully functional AC solution.
  • Nashville Heat Pump Services and Repair – If your home depends on a heat pump, we can keep the heat pump in good working order for both winter and summer, providing installation, repairs, and regular maintenance.
  • Ductwork Repairs and Installation – We can install an efficient layout of ductwork for central air and heating systems. We can also repair existing ductwork that might be leaking or have sustained damage. 
  • Nashville Ductwork Cleaning – Ductwork cleaning is a Nashville HVAC service that can significantly improve indoor air quality. We remove dust that builds up on the interior of ductwork and can be forced out of vents when the AC or heat comes on. Our cleaning methods fully remove dust but are gentle enough for the interior of ductwork. 
  • Dehumidification and Humidification Services – Humidity in Nashville is a concern for many homeowners. We can install and maintain a dehumidifier to pull excess moisture from the air. This makes property interiors more comfortable and helps an AC work better. Dry air can increase allergies and health problems, but a humidifier can add a measured amount of moisture back into the air,
  • Indoor Air Quality Solutions – HVAC systems also impact the air quality of a property. We use several advanced solutions to promote good indoor air quality, such as installing UV lights, filters, and more to help remove germs and particulates from the air. Depending on what problems you are experiencing – indoor allergies, frequent illness, or respiratory issues – we can recommend the right solution.

We can help you with the most eco-friendly solutions, most cost effective options, and others, all while providing experienced recommendations for what your home needs.

Why Homeowners in Nashville Use Lewis Comfort Control for HVAC Services 

When an air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, and other HVAC equipment is working properly, you can often “set it and forget it.” But you never want to forget about your HVAC system entirely. Regular maintenance is the number one way to prevent bigger problems. If an AC or furnace problem does occur, you will need a repair solution.

Lewis Comfort Control is a small and local team, but our solutions are robust, expert, and high quality. Our goal is to provide Nashville AC repair, furnace repair, and other services that you can rely on, including:

  • Affordable Pricing – We offer affordable and transparent pricing, providing quotes upfront and ahead of service so that you can choose the correct services for your home.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our repairs and installations so that you can feel confident that your air conditioner or furnace will continue to work well all season.
  • Friendly and Professional Technicians – In addition to being experienced and knowledgeable, our team shows up on time, pays attention to the details, and is available to answer all of your questions.

We work with residential properties in Nashville and can customize our services for a range of different needs. This enables us to fit our services to properties of various sizes and those experiencing different challenges, and we can provide heating and cooling solutions for single family homes, condos, garages, accessory dwelling units, and more.

Contact Lewis Comfort Control for HVAC Repair in Nashville

Lewis Comfort Control is a local Nashville HVAC company committed to serving our neighbors. We want to help our customers get the best price on HVAC repair and related services. Contact us for a quote on AC and furnace services in Nashville to get started.

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