Humidification Services in Nashville, TN

Humidifier Installation, Repair, and Replacement in Nashville, TN with Lewis Comfort Control

The right level of humidity in the air is an important factor in your home’s overall comfort. Too much humidity can make things damp, sticky, and uncomfortable, but dry air also causes a range of discomfort and health issues, as well as a rise in energy costs as you heat your home during the winter.

With air quality services in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control, we provide humidification for residential properties. Our friendly team works with you to determine what type of humidifier will work best for your property and provide the installation, maintenance, and repair services you need for dependable humidification during the drier days in Nashville.

Which Homes Benefit from a Humidifier?

The occasional colder temps in Nashville can lead to drier days. If you are also heating your home with a furnace during this time, you can expect even drier air in your home.Installing a whole house humidifier can return moisture levels to more comfortable levels and improve your overall indoor air quality which leads to benefits such as:

  • Better Health – People in your home will experience fewer cases of itchy eyes, irritated skin, and sore throats with extra moisture in the air. Extra humidity also reduces the spread of bacteria and dust particles to make the air you breathe cleaner.
  • Lower Heating Costs – Humidity will add warmth to a room during the winter, meaning that you will pay less in utility bills to keep your home comfortable.
  • Protection for Hardwood – Dry air can damage wood items around your house such as flooring, cabinets, doors, and musical instruments. Increasing the humidity by a few percentage points will help protect all of these items.

Humidification will also improve your day to day comfort, making it easier to breathe, reducing static electricity inside your home, and more.

A whole house humidifier works alongside other components of an HVAC system and is usually housed within your air ducts where it can humidify the air that passes from the furnace to your vents. While the functionality can differ slightly based on the type of humidifier, the system often consists of a water supply line to provide the moisture and an evaporative panel to add moisture to the air as it moves past.

A humidistat will measure and control the ambient levels of humidity to give you the power to set the level of humidity throughout your entire home at the level that is most comfortable for you.

Our Humidification Services at Lewis Comfort Control

We provide both humidifier installation in Nashville and humidifier repair. For homeowners who are seeking to create a more comfortable indoor environment during dry winter conditions, we will discuss the various humidifier options with you. We are experienced in the various types, including bypass humidifiers that work alongside your furnace and fan powered humidifiers that can provide extra humidity independently of your temperature settings.

Based on the square footage of your home, current humidity, and desired moisture levels, as well as your intended budget, we can suggest the right type of humidifier for your needs. We also provide humidifier maintenance repairs for existing humidifiers.

Each of these processes start with an inspection of your existing HVAC system to determine current issues with your humidifier and plan repairs. Over time, the pumps in humidifiers and other components experience a lot of wear and tear. There may also be a buildup of debris which can cause clogs that force the humidifier to work harder with less output.

Once we determine the problem, our next steps are to:

  • Provide a Report – We outline the issues we have noticed, our intended fix, and a price quote to help you choose how you want to proceed. If we believe that humidifier replacement in Nashville would be more cost effective than repair, we will also let you know about your various options. 
  • Repair – During the repair or replacement service our team works efficiently with a focus on details to be sure that every step of the process is completed to our highest standard. 
  • Maintenance and Tune-Ups – Other steps we may take to improve the functionality of your dehumidifier include lubrication, filter cleaning or replacement, tightening connection points, and replacing supply lines that have aged.

Our final step is additional testing and visual inspection. This quality check lets us guarantee that we completed each step correctly and offer a 100% warranty on our services.

Lewis Comfort Control – The Leading HVAC Company in Nashville 

You rely on your HVAC system to accomplish a lot in order to heat your home comfortably. This means you also need a team that can meet all the different needs of your system. Lewis Comfort Control has been providing HVAC services in Nashville for many years, partnering with homeowners to service everything from basic heating and cooling systems to more complex systems in homes of all sizes.

We are specialists in air quality and have a wide selection of services that can increase comfort, decrease health problems, and manage your energy costs. Our clients rely on Lewis Comfort Control for:

  • Personalized Expertise – Our first priority is always meeting our customers needs. We make sure that you have the most accurate and relevant information at every step of the process.
  • Reliable Services – From our fast response to our 100% warranty, you can trust every job we do to be done right.
  • Comprehensive Options – With our ability to to address all of your HVAC needs, you can rely on a single company for air quality, heating, and cooling, meaning fewer visits and lower costs.

If you are not sure which HVAC services you need, our team can also get you started with reliable air quality solutions specific to your home. We will use our expertise to address air quality and your current climate control capabilities to give you the most efficient options possible for improving your overall comfort.

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