Commercial Heating and Furnace Services

Repair, Maintenance, and More for Commercial Heating in Nashville 

As winter approaches and you start feeling the first of the season’s cool weather, your business needs to be able to set your thermostat and rely on your furnace or other heating systems to keep your property at the right temperature all season long. The right preparation and preventative commercial heating services in Nashville are the leading way to guarantee a functional system.

Lewis Comfort Control is a trusted HVAC specialist with heating services for commercial properties in Nashville. We offer furnace servicing, repair, installation, replacements, and a range of other solutions for local businesses with each service provided by a reliable and knowledgeable team at rates that are designed to fit into the budgets of local businesses. Contact our team at (615) 440-9564 to start the process with a free quote.

Services We Offer for Commercial Properties in Nashville 

At Lewis Comfort Control, we offer a wide selection of services for commercial heating. We work with your existing HVAC system to ensure it functions efficiently each winter and has as long a lifespan as possible. We can also provide solutions for your heating systems that have reached the end of their life expectancy.

All of our different options for commercial heating include:

  • Seasonal Heating Maintenance – Time and regular use will cause wear and tear on your furnace. Our solution for this wear and tear is annual, routine maintenance that provides us the opportunity to inspect your furnace and heating equipment, complete standard maintenance steps, and set up your furnace to run efficiently throughout the winter.
  • Furnace Repair – If at any point your furnace or other heating system breaks or starts to exhibit signs that something has malfunctioned, Lewis Comfort Control can provide a rapid repair to restore your heat with an effective long term fix to reduce the risk of a problem recurring.
  • Furnace Installation – We can install a new furnace or replace an existing one with a fast and comprehensive process.
  • Heat Pump Services – If your commercial property relies on a heat pump, we are also able to provide servicing, repairs, and installation. 

In addition to our commercial services for furnaces, Lewis Comfort Control can also assist with a range of auxiliary components that heating systems rely on, such as cleaning ductwork so that your furnace is not blowing dust into the different spaces of your business, humidification to help you manage dry, wintertime air, and indoor air quality control to help reduce the chance of illness among employees and customers, particularly in the winter during flu and cold season.

If your commercial property requires other services for a heating and cooling system, we are also able to talk through your various needs and adapt our commercial heating, cooling, and air quality solutions to the needs of your property.

Where We Work in Nashville

The average winter temperatures in Nashville mean almost every commercial property must have a furnace or heating system to maintain comfortable spaces for customers and employees in the colder months, as well as prevent property damage from freezing temperatures. Our range of solutions enables us to offer heating services in Nashville for property types, including:

  • Retailers 
  • Offices 
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels and Hospitality 
  • Schools, and More

We also work with everything from basic furnace and ductwork systems to more complex heating, cooling, and ventilation systems that span larger properties. 

Why Lewis Comfort Control is the Leading Commercial Heating and Cooling Company in Nashville?

When the temperature begins to drop, businesses in Nashville need to know they can rely on a furnace to provide adequate climate control. At the same time, it is important to keep operating costs low. An inefficient, older, or malfunctioning furnace costs more to run and will often not be reliable.

Regular maintenance and timely repairs from the knowledgeable team at Lewis Comfort Control can save you money. Our solutions and approach to heating services offer additional cost savings with our:

  • Honest Services – We adapt our services to your needs in order to provide the best prices. When we give you a quote, we will outline your different options and why we think that a certain solution is best.
  • Fast Work – Any downtime with your heating system can cost you money. We work quickly to have your furnace up and running quickly. Faster work also means fewer labor costs for our customers. 
  • Extensive Knowledge – Many years of experience and training and working with HVAC systems makes it possible for us to identify any potential problems and provide an expert level of quality. We also have a range of options we can recommend to increase efficiency or provide other benefits from your heating and cooling system. 

Our services are also guaranteed and we can provide follow-up troubleshooting if a detail was missed during a repair or your installation needs additional fine tuning, giving you additional assurance of the value of choosing Lewis Comfort Control as your commercial HVAC partner.

Start HVAC Services in Nashville –  Call Lewis Comfort Control

If you are already experiencing a problem with your furnace or simply want to keep your heating system in top working condition, Lewis Comfort Control is the company that can help. Contact us at (615) 440-9564 or request a quote online to get more information about our services and get the process started with a free estimate.