HVAC Tune Up in Nashville

Servicing and HVAC Tune Up in Nashville, TN with Lewis Comfort Control

As you use an appliance and that appliance ages, parts will start to work less efficiently. For air conditioners and furnaces in Nashville, which often see use more days of the year than not, an HVAC tune up can provide the necessary repairs, adjustments, and replacements to keep all parts – as well as the HVAC system as a whole – working effectively.

Lewis Comfort Control is a heating and cooling company that offers HVAC tune up in Nashville. With annual tune ups and on demand services available, completed by friendly and highly trained technicians, we can optimize your HVAC throughout its years of service. Get more information on our HVAC tune up options and an estimate for the cost of service at (615) 440-9564.

HVAC Tune Ups for Every System 

Lewis Comfort Control delivers comprehensive HVAC services. We are familiar with a wide range of heating, cooling, and air quality options, including central air, furnaces, heat pumps, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and more, and we can inspect the specific systems and models that you rely on at your home.

Our HVAC tune ups begin with a full inspection of your system. We look at the exterior and interior components, ductwork, and thermostats. During this inspection, we can search for any broken elements or issues that could cause your AC to break down later on, and initiate repairs. By finding these problems early during an inspection, we can often reduce the risk of more expensive and challenging problems when you are regularly relying on your AC or furnace on Nashville’s warmer or colder days. 

In addition, we will also perform a multi-point checklist to inspect and maintain all of the different components of your HVAC system to check that everything is working as expected. This can include:

  • Replacing Air Filters 
  • Oiling Moving Parts 
  • Checking for Leaks and Clogs
  • Tightening Electrical Connections 
  • Tracking Energy Output and Usage 
  • Adjusting Thermostat Settings 
  • Checking Condenser and Evaporator Coils, and More

If any of these components are struggling or performing with less efficiency, the other elements of your HVAC system have to work harder to continue to produce warm or cool air and circulate air throughout your home. This causes increased stress to your HVAC system and extensively can shorten its lifespan while also costing significantly more to run. 

By keeping these parts in good repair with regular servicing, we make sure that your system is always running with maximum efficiency for the comfort and lowest possible energy costs. 

Regular and One Time HVAC Tune Ups

HVAC tune ups work best when they are a regular part of home maintenance and we provide our HVAC tune ups in Nashville for many of our clients twice a year, with a springtime visit for air conditioner maintenance and a fall visit for furnaces. We can also inspect humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and other elements during these times.

We can also provide an HVAC tune up on demand whenever you notice your system seems to be working harder than usual, such as when it is coming on more frequently, cycling excessively, or causing an increase in your energy costs.

Additional HVAC Services in Nashville 

As a full service HVAC company, Lewis Comfort Control can also handle any issues that arise during an HVAC tune up. We are a leading choice to manage repairs if we notice a problem or you have experienced a malfunction with your air conditioner or furnace on your own. We offer you a transparent and upfront quote for the cost of fixing the broken element on your system.

With any appliance, including those in your HVAC system, a replacement will eventually be necessary as well. As the system ages, the inefficiency and required repairs on an older system will at some point become less cost effective than installing a new furnace, air conditioner, or other equipment. 

During an HVAC tune up, we can let you know when you should start considering HVAC replacement and our team is here to help you with the process when that time comes.

What Makes Lewis Comfort Control the Top Company for HVAC Tune Ups?

When the weather gets warm or cool in Nashville, the ability to rely on your HVAC system to keep things comfortable can be an immense relief. This comfort begins with a well maintained HVAC system and the right company to keep your HVAC in the best possible repair.

Lewis Comfort Control is the right choice for these services in Nashville since we can provide services that are:

  • Professional – We value professionalism at every step of the process, arriving on time, completing work thoroughly, and communicating with you throughout the tune up and any necessary repairs.
  • High Quality – We work quickly, but we focus on never missing details and always providing the best possible work so that you can trust your back will work well throughout the coming season and into the following years.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – We have all of the certifications necessary to provide safe and reliable HVAC services in Nashville.

Our team works with all property types to provide residential and commercial HVAC systems and are able to provide the right HVAC servicing for the various types, specific model, and different age of HVAC equipment at your property.

Contact Lewis Comfort Control for HVAC Services

An HVAC tune up can yield a significant improvement in your HVAC functionality to give your family extensive savings and greater comfort. Lewis Comfort Control can help you take advantage of all the benefits that an efficient HVAC system can offer in Nashville. Schedule your HVAC tune up today to get started.