Furnace Repair in Nashville, TN

Leading Furnace Repair in Nashville, TN with Lewis Comfort Control

The furnace in your home is important for keeping you and your family comfortably warm when the weather gets cold. The heat from your furnace also protects pipes and appliances that could be damaged by freezing temperatures in Nashville. A working furnace is also a safe furnace.

Furnace repair in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control is the best way to maintain your furnace. We offer scheduled maintenance, tuneups, and repairs for residential and commercial properties in Nashville with affordable prices and friendly service. Schedule a service appointment and get a quote at (615) 440-9564.

Annual Furnace Maintenance Services

Nashville homes and businesses rely extensively on their heating systems during the colder months. But that regular use and a long period of disuse in the summertime can impact how well your furnace functions year over year. Components can wear down, dust can build up, and leaks or clogs could develop.

To stay safe and effective, furnaces need regular maintenance by a trained HVAC technician in Nashville. Lewis Comfort Control offers Nashville furnace repair to inspect and fix your heating system before a problem happens. We work with furnaces of all ages and models, and on each maintenance visit will:

  • Check for cracks in the heat exchange, which can cause a carbon monoxide leak.
  • Clean gas burners and inspect them for any problems.
  • Check the fuel supply pressure on the gas valve to ensure safe operation.
  • Monitor blower airflow and make any necessary changes to the output.
  • Inspect exhaust vents for proper airflow.
  • Look for rust or corrosion that requires a part to be replaced.
  • Lubricate moving parts to keep them moving freely.
  • Check pilot lights on older furnaces.

Fall is the best time to schedule a furnace tuneup in Nashville. This gives our trained HVAC technicians time to inspect, clean, and make any needed repairs before you turn on your furnace on the first cold day of fall.

This helps prevent any major furnace breakdowns, which are often costly to repair and can leave you without heat during the repair process. 

Regular maintenance each year is the best choice for your home furnace. It can extend the life of your furnace, save you money on heating costs, and help you maintain a comfortable environment throughout the winter. Our furnace maintenance plans make it simple to schedule your annual furnace tuneup each year.

Nashville Furnace Repair Services

Preventing furnace malfunctions is ideal, but when your furnace stops working, or is not blowing enough hot air to maintain the temperature of your home, you will need repair services. Lewis Comfort Control can quickly inspect your furnace and identify the problem that is causing issues like:

  • Furnace Doesn’t Turn On – A furnace that will not turn on is a clear issue. You can try a few troubleshooting steps like making sure your thermostat is set to heat, the furnace switch is in the on position, and the circuit breaker is not tripped. If the furnace remains off, our team can locate additional issues.
  • Cold Air – A furnace that is on but only blowing out cold air through the vents may have a problem with the heating element, a clogged filter, or another issue. Since lukewarm air results in inefficient heating and a less comfortable climate, you will need an immediate fix if you experience this issue.
  • Dusty Air – Dust will build up in your air ducts during the summer, so some dust coming out of registers the first time you turn your furnace on is natural. But if dust continues to come out during the winter, you notice an excess of dust, or you have indoor allergies, you may need a duct cleaning or there could be a problem with the furnace.
  • Unusual Noises – Some noises that could indicate a problem include a bang when you turn on your furnace, rattling sounds, metal grinding against metal, or a high-pitched squealing sound. These, or any other noises that sound out of place, are a reason to call our team.
  • Water Around the Furnace – Water pooling around your furnace is evidence of a leak. A clogged or cracked condensation pipe or a condensation pump problem in furnaces that have one can cause this leak.
  • Gas Odor – If your furnace runs on natural gas, a sulphuric or rotten egg smell indicates there is a gas leak. This is an emergency with the potential for fire or health problems. You should shut off your furnace immediately and contact our team to find the source of the leak.

Once we diagnose the problem, we will explain to you the various options to get your furnace working again as soon as possible. Our technicians keep you informed throughout the process so you can feel confident you are getting the best service at a fair price.

For older furnaces where repair is impossible or where more efficient technology is now available, we can work with you on furnace replacement. Our Nashville furnace installation can provide you with a quality furnace installed in accordance with industry standards for years of reliable service.

What Makes Lewis Comfort Control the Best HVAC Repair Company in Nashville?

At Lewis Comfort Control, we provide both superior customer service and dependable results. The HVAC system is the most important in properties in and around Nashville, TN, including White Creek, Brentwood, and Goodlettsville. That is why we have made it our mission offer the best service in the industry with:

  • Professional Technicians – Our HVAC professionals are trained in the latest maintenance techniques and highly experienced. They are also friendly and personable so you know your home is in good hands with us.
  • Transparent Pricing – When your heater goes out and you are left in the cold, restoring heat should be your first priority. We use up front pricing so that you can focus on the necessary repairs 
  • Rapid Service – We diagnose and solve furnace malfunctions quickly to limit the time you spend without heat. Our flexible scheduling and limited service area also makes it possible for us to get to you fast when you have a problem.

Our furnace services in Nashville are backed by our 100% warranty as well. If problems persist after a repair, we will return to complete additional work until your furnace is able to maintain your family’s comfort in the winter.

Get started with expert furnace repair in Nashville today. Our team of certified technicians is ready to help you with an immediate repair or services to prevent future problems with your heating system. Call us today to learn more about our services.