HVAC Repair in Nashville, TN

Services for Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality

From heating in the winter to cooling in the summer to air quality solutions throughout the year, many HVAC systems in Nashville are a majority of days throughout the year. This can be a lot of wear on your HVAC system. As parts also degrade over time, HVAC maintenance keeps your system in good repair to give you as many years of functionality as possible.

Lewis Comfort Control has HVAC-Nashville maintenance services that can assist with furnaces, air conditioners, and all of the additional components that your HVAC system uses to keep your home comfortable and your indoor environment healthy. We use our extensive training to maximize the efficiency of your air conditioner and spot problems early on, helping you save on costs in the long run. For a quote, contact (615) 440-9564.

Seasonal HVAC Maintenance in Nashville

When you rely on your air conditioner or furnace in most months of the year, every year, it makes sense that your air conditioner, furnace, and other HVAC components need maintenance on a similar schedule. Lewis Comfort Control can manage this with our HVAC maintenance visits.

During this maintenance, we can address the different challenges that will cause your air conditioner or furnace to work less efficiently over time, develop problems and break down, and potentially shorten the overall lifespan of your HVAC equipment. These difficulties are often a result of the wear and the stress that equipment experiences, as well as age and exposure to the elements. This causes both mechanical and physical elements of your HVAC to degrade over time.

Broken or less functional components could mean that your system has to work harder to compensate when you turn it on in the upcoming summer or winter seasons or even mean it breaks down entirely, leaving you without heating, cooling, or reliable air quality solutions.

How We Maintain Your HVAC System

Our HVAC maintenance services are available throughout the year and are a great option for preventative care for your system. During a visit, we can handle a variety of maintenance. This can include:

  • Cleaning or Replacing Filters 
  • Visual Inspection of Housing and Components
  • Checking Electrical Connections
  • Calibrating Thermostats and Controls 
  • Replacing Worn Belts 
  • Inspecting Ductwork for Leaks and Damage 
  • Testing Systems, and More 

This service sets your HVAC up to run as efficiently as possible for the rest of the year by preventing any breakdowns and catching any problems that may have developed since our last visit early on. This saves you the cost of repairs while a more efficient system will also mean less spent on energy costs and more comfortable home.

HVAC maintenance is most dependable when you schedule it at least once a year for the different equipment. Ideally, you can schedule a visit in the spring for your air conditioner and in the fall for your furnace. Any additional equipment that you have installed at your home, such as a humidifier or dehumidifier, air filtration system, or others can often be completed within the same visit. 

Nashville HVAC Maintenance and Repair Services

Whether you have missed a few years of HVAC maintenance or decades of use have caused a part to stop working efficiently, HVAC repair in Nashville can be necessary to restore your system back to its original functionality. We will often discover these problems during an HVAC maintenance visit, but you may notice an issue on your own as a result of these signs:

  • Lukewarm air instead of hot or cold air.
  • System cycling continually.
  • Burning or musty odors.
  • Rattling, banking, or squealing noises.
  • A change in indoor environment, such as humidity levels.
  • Increased energy bills.

A Lewis Comfort Control technician can assess the cause of these issues and share with you the AC repair or furnace repair we will make along with a quote. From there, we can make a fast and long lasting repair.

About Lewis Comfort Control – The Leading Company for HVAC Repair and maintenance in Nashville

An HVAC system is one of the more important appliances in Nashville homes. It plays a significant role in keeping local residents cool during the summer and warm in the winter, and a fully functioning HVAC system does this all efficiently and cost effectively.

With your family’s comfort and finances at stake, it is important to have a company you can trust as your partner in HVAC maintenance. Lewis Comfort Control HVAC-Nashville is dedicated to being this company, providing the top HVAC services in Nashville. We do this through:

  • Dependable Work – We are HVAC experts with extensive training and experience that enables us to complete the precision work necessary to optimize an HVAC system.
  • Friendly and Knowledgeable – In addition to reliable work, we also deliver top tier customer service so that you can feel that your family and your home are in good hands.
  • Convenient – HVAC maintenance is important and we want to make the process as easy as possible. We offer flexible scheduling and complete work quickly, using affordable pricing so that you can fit HVAC maintenance into your regular home maintenance routines. 

Lewis Comfort Control works with HVAC systems at a range of properties, including both residential and commercial HVAC services. We also have solutions for all of the different equipment and models in order to deliver the most effective maintenance and repairs for your specific HVAC system.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance with Lewis Comfort Control

HVAC maintenance in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control can be one of the most cost effective decisions you make for your home. From saving on your energy bills to preventing costly expenses later on to extending the lifetime of your HVAC equipment, Lewis Comfort Control is able to provide significant cost savings while also ensuring that your home is as comfortable as possible. To get started with HVAC maintenance services, contact us to schedule a visit and get a free quote.