Indoor Air Quality Services in Nashville, TN

Indoor Air Quality Solutions in Nashville with Lewis Comfort Control

Many Nashville residents spend a significant amount of time inside their homes. This makes it important to have indoor air that is comfortably cool or warm depending on the season and that you know is healthy for your family to be breathing in. Unfortunately, bacteria, dust, pet dander, mold spores, and other debris can become trapped inside your home and make it uncomfortable or cause health risks without the right solutions.

Lewis Comfort Control provides is an HVAC company in Nashville with an array of services for indoor air quality that will deliver cleaner, healthier, and more breathable air. All of our solutions are available at affordable prices from a team with the customer service necessary to handle the specific challenges at your home. Contact us at (615) 440-9564 to learn more about the different options for improving indoor air quality.

Innovative Solutions for Indoor Air Quality in Nashville

Homes in Nashville can experience a range of different challenges that threaten air quality. The humid local climate can lead to high indoor humidity as well, but too little moisture in your home can also be uncomfortable. Different debris can also become trapped in your home and air ducts where it will start circulating through your home every time you run your AC.

Lewis Comfort Control are experts in indoor air quality. Whether you have noticed specific problems or simply looking for ways to make your home healthier or your HVAC more efficient, we can suggest the right solutions for your property with options that include:

  • Dehumidification – Installing a dehumidifier can remove excess humidity in the air for a drier and more comfortable environment that will also help your AC be able to cool better.
  • Humidification – A humidifier adds moisture to spaces that may have become too dry, causing respiratory challenges and discomfort in your home.
  • Air Purifiers – We can install different types of air purifiers that remove small particles from the air as it passes through your HVAC system, returning cleaner air back into your environment. Our air purifiers are effective against a range of particulates, including mold and other harmful spores.
  • Air Filters – Air filters are a standard part of an HVAC system to pull out harmful particles as the air passes through during heating and cooling cycles. We can keep air filters operable and efficient with regular replacements.
  • UV Lights – UV lights are a powerful solution for air quality control to help with bacteria. We install a UV light inside your air conditioner that will kill bacteria that pass close to it.
  • Air Duct Cleaning – Dust will collect inside of air ducts over time and your furnace or AC will start to blow this dust out into your living space. Our Nashville air duct cleaning can gently remove buildup to remove trapped dust.

With these different solutions, we can manage many of the air quality concerns at Nashville properties, even combining multiple solutions was necessary to create an effective plan for all the individual homes that we work with.

Why Air Quality Control is Important in Nashville?

Nashville residents face a variety of challenges when it comes to maintaining air quality. Older homes will often have a build up of mold spores and dust that have collected over the years. But newer homes in Nashville are at risk as well because they are built to be energy friendly. This means the homes are very well sealed, which is ideal for climate control, but can be detrimental to air quality as any particles you track into your home become trapped inside.

Build up of dust and allergens in any home type can lead to issues such as:

  • Indoor Allergies – Many people experience indoor allergies in reaction to particles like pet dander, pollen, and mold spores in the air. This causes sneezing, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, and other allergy symptoms.
  • Respiratory Issues – In addition to allergens that cause congestion, dry air can irritate your respiratory system.
  • Mold Growth – Extra moisture and trapped mold spores in your home can encourage mold growth on surfaces since mold thrives in damp environments.
  • Property Damage – Dry air can cause items in your home to dry out, which causes warping and cracking, especially for wooden furniture and fixtures. 
  • More Cleaning – If your AC is blowing dust every time it turns on it, surfaces are likely to be dusty and require additional cleaning.
  • Increased Risk of Illness – Bacteria in your home can cause you and your family members to get sick more often.

In some cases, families may not realize that the symptoms they are experiencing or the different types of damage they are noticing around their home are a result of poor air quality. But if you are noticing allergies, frequent colds, or other problems, Lewis Comfort Control can determine if they are the result of your air quality and offer the right solutions.

Our various indoor air quality services at Lewis Comfort Control will reduce allergens and harmful particles in your air for a healthier environment. But this often has the added benefit of making your heating and cooling systems more efficient. Extra dust and moisture force your AC or furnace to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

About Lewis Comfort Control – The Top Nashville Company for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Control

As an HVAC company, Lewis Comfort Control specializes in all the services necessary to keep you happy and comfortable in your home. This includes installation, maintenance, and repair for all of the different air quality control products that you rely on. When working with Lewis Comfort Control, you can expect:

  • Customized Solutions – With our knowledge of indoor air quality, we can recommend the right options for your specific needs.
  • Modern Products – We have air quality control options that represent the latest science to provide greater efficiency and more reliable results.
  • Competitive Prices – We provide our services at great prices and perform high quality work and repairs so that you can continue saving money in the long term.

Lewis Comfort Control can help homeowners who are looking to install indoor air quality solutions for the first time, are upgrading existing equipment, or need regular service or repairs to keep equipment performing. We have clients throughout the Nashville area, including cities like White Creek, Brentwood, and Goodlettsville.

Call Lewis Comfort Control for Nashville Air Quality Control 

Heating and cooling alone are often not enough to keep your home comfortable, but Indoor air quality in Nashville from Lewis Comfort Control can make sure that the air in your home and the different parts of your heating and cooling system are free of mold and harmful dust. Contact us at (615) 440-9564 to get a quote for your indoor air quality services.

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