HVAC Services in Brentwood, TN

Heating and Cooling Repair and Installation from Lewis Comfort Control 

For many homes in Brentwood, the HVAC system can be the most important appliance on a property. It is a necessity to keep your home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and maintain healthy and comfortable air quality. As a result, having the full range of services necessary to keep every component of your HVAC system in good condition is essential for homes in Brentwood.

Lewis Comfort Control is an HVAC specialist that works with homeowners throughout Brentwood and the Nashville area to provide maintenance, repair, and installation services. We are dedicated to delivering dependable work at affordable prices and with a friendly team. Contact us at (615) 440-9564 to learn more about our services.

Brentwood AC Repair and Servicing

Most summers in Brentwood require you to use your AC almost every day for months at a time. When coupled with aging and exposure to the elements, this naturally causes wear on your air conditioner, causing parts to wear down, lubrication to wear off, and other problems. All of this makes your AC work harder to provide the same amount of cooling power, raising your energy bill, causing additional stress on your system, and decreasing the lifespan of your hair conditioner.

Lewis Comfort Control prevents all these different outcomes with our AC maintenance visits. We recommend scheduling this service in the spring before you turn on your AC, setting your air conditioner up for the summer.

At a visit, we can check for any issues on your unit that require replacement of parts or a more in depth repair. This makes it possible to address problems in their earliest stages, often preventing them altogether and providing a repair that is generally easier and more affordable rather than waiting until you are left with a more serious issue.

During our AC service visit, we will also perform the manufacturer required maintenance on your AC. This includes:

  • Changing Air Filters
  • Clearing Clogs from the Drain Line 
  • Lubricating Any Moving Parts
  • Checking and Replacing Belts 

At the completion of a visit, your air conditioner should be ready to run throughout the summer and optimized for efficiency, giving you reliable cooling all season long. 

Heating Repair and Servicing in Brentwood

Your furnace works hard in the winter to keep your home comfortably warm. A heating maintenance visit in the fall will prep your heater for the winter. 

Our team performs a careful inspection and any necessary tests to be sure that your heater is working reliably. We can also handle the regular maintenance on your unit to clean and replace the necessary parts. This helps the entire system work more smoothly and avoids putting excessive stress on any elements. With regular furnace servicing, your heater will last for longer without any extensive repairs. 

But in the event that something does break unexpectedly and your heater stops working or starts to behave inefficiently, our furnace repair in Brentwood can determine what is causing the issue and make the appropriate repair to restore your furnace to full functionality.

Other HVAC Services and Solutions in Brentwood

We also offer a range of services for all of the additional components that might make up your HVAC system. With solutions to install, repair, and maintain these different pieces of equipment, our heating, cooling, and air quality services include:

  • Air Conditioner Installation – If it is time to replace your old AC unit or you are looking to cool a new construction, we can install central AC, including ductwork, or ductless AC. We use our expertise to help you choose the unit that has the right capacity and efficiency rating while still remaining within your budget.
  • Heat Pumps – For homes in Brentwood that rely on a heat pump for heating and cooling, we can provide the annual maintenance for your heat pump as well as any necessary repairs. We can also install a heat pump if you are interested in switching to this cost and space efficient solution.
  • Dehumidification – To keep the indoor air from becoming uncomfortably sticky and help your AC work more efficiently in the summer, we can install a whole house dehumidifier to help decrease moisture.
  • Humidification – When the furnace runs in the winter, it can dry out the indoor air of your home, leading to discomfort and causing issues like static and dust. A humidifier helps put a small amount of moisture back into the air so that you feel more comfortable.
  • Indoor Air Quality Services – We can install different components that will improve air quality by removing particulates from the air.
  • Duct Cleaning – As air moves through your HVAC system, naturally occurring dust will settle in the ductwork. We use duct cleaning that will remove dust from the inside of your vents so that they cannot continue blowing into your home.

We also offer heating and cooling services for commercial properties in Brentwood and can provide installation and maintenance to businesses of all types in the area.

About Lewis Comfort Control – Your Brentwood Partner in HVAC Services 

Lewis Comfort Control has worked with customers in Brentwood for many years. As a locally owned company, we approach every job as if we were assisting a neighbor. This means we focus on providing reliable and friendly service that you can depend on to keep you comfortable throughout the year. Our customers rely on us for services that are:

  • Professional and Timely – We know that every moment makes a difference when you are without suitable heat or air. We make it a point to show up as soon as possible and at the time we say we will get started with your repair.
  • Adaptable Solutions – Because we are highly experienced in different HVAC systems, we can work with all of the equipment currently present at your home and provide you with reliable recommendations when you are looking to install new HVAC equipment.
  • Affordable – With our efficient and highly skilled work, we can complete an installation or repair quickly and reliably. This allows us to offer affordable prices, letting you complete all of the HVAC work that you need within your budget.

We back our installation and repair work with our guarantee so that you have another reason to feel confident in our services and the results that we can provide.

Get Help with Your AC – Contact Lewis Comfort Control

Lewis Comfort Control is the leading company for HVAC services in Brentwood for AC tune-ups, new installations, and fast repairs. You can trust our team to consistently deliver on your various heating and cooling need. Let us start by providing you with a free quote when you contact our team at (615) 440-9564.