Save on Heating the Cost of Your Home

Save on Heating the Cost of Your Home

Save on Heating the Cost of Your Home 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

There are still several months of winter left, and that means at least a few more cold nights in Nashville. At the same time, prices are going up, including on natural gas. The average annual increase in natural gas in Nashville is just over 15%, and this year may even be more.

If your home relies on natural gas heat, you may already have experienced a jump in your heating bill this season. These tips can help you cut down on heating costs for the remainder of the cold months, saving you money without sacrificing your comfort.

5 Tips for Reducing Your Residential Heating Costs

Turning down the heat is one way to lower your heating bill, but you can only go so low before it becomes uncomfortable. Rather than bundling up in multiple sweaters to ward off the cold, make your heating more efficient and keep your house at a comfortable temperature when you:

  • Schedule a Furnace Tune Up – A recommended maintenance step each fall, a furnace tune up checks that each part of your furnace is functioning optimally, including the heat exchanger, gas valve, gas burners, and blower. Your inspector may clean or replace parts as needed. This prevents inefficient energy use and more expensive breakdowns later on.
  • Find Air Leaks Around Your Home – Seals around windows, doors, pipes, and electrical outlets can deteriorate over time and let warm air out of your home. Leaking window seals alone may account for more than 10% of your heating bill. You should check these areas each year and use products like spray foam insulation and plastic sheeting to seal up any gaps.
  • Use Space Heaters – Instead of heating your entire house all the time, you can keep your thermostat set lower and use space heaters in the rooms you use most. Be sure to always use space heaters that are in working condition in accordance with manufacturers’ guidelines for safe and efficient heat.
  • Change Your Thermostat Settings – The most eco-friendly thermostat settings are 68 degrees when you are home during the day, 60 to 67 degrees when you are asleep, and as low as 50 degrees while you are out if you don’t have pets.
  • Install a New Furnace – While maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your furnace, efficiency will naturally decrease over time. Recent advancements in heating also mean that new equipment functions more efficiently as well, particularly with the many options now available. If it is time to replace your furnace, Lewis Comfort Control in Nashville can install a new furnace to provide more cost-effective heating.

For furnace tune ups, repairs,  and furnace installation in Nashville, Lewis Comfort Control is the leading HVAC and furnace repair company. Our team can assess any problems that are causing your home heating system to work inefficiently and help you save money year round. Contact us to learn more about our residential heating and cooling services.