Improving Your Indoor Air Quality with Your Spring Cleaning Routine

Day to day activities in your home will naturally lead to a buildup of debris. Dust, pet dander, mold spores, and a range of other particles that we deal with daily in our homes are all common irritants and most often responsible for cases of indoor allergies. These particles can stay on surfaces and in air ducts, and every time your AC is on, they will blow throughout your home, causing further irritation.

Spring cleaning is a good time to remove indoor allergens from your home, improve the overall indoor air quality, and promote better health for everyone in your home.

How to Improve Your Air Quality

Indoor allergens can get into your house through small cracks and open doors and windows. They can also be tracked in on clothing, shoes, and pets. A small amount of dust is natural and usually not concerning unless your allergies are particularly severe.

But as dust builds up in between cleanings, it will start to affect less sensitive individuals as well. The best way to prevent this is the plan for at least annual home and HVAC cleaning to prevent allergens from getting inside. Cleaning steps include:

  • Opening Windows – This can seem counterintuitive, but many homes are tightly sealed for efficient climate control which has the additional effect of trapping particles inside. Opening windows while you are cleaning will make it possible for any dislodged dust particles to drift outside rather than resettling on another surface in your home.
  • Sweeping, Dusting, and Vacuuming – These regular cleaning procedures are your first line of defense in removing indoor allergens, but it can be helpful during the spring to do a more in depth cleaning of carpets and rugs.
  • Changing Your Air Filters – Air filters in your HVAC system are responsible for pulling allergens from the air, but they become less efficient when clogged and can even contribute to the problem. Be sure to have all your air filters replaced during your annual AC maintenance.
  • Have Air Ducts Cleaned – Dust and debris can start to coat the interior of your air ducts and then be blown into the air every time your heat or cool rooms. Professional air duct cleaning will carefully remove this dust for cleaner and more efficient cooling in the upcoming summer.
  • Leave Jackets and Shoes at the Door – Outerwear is often responsible for bringing in a significant amount of exterior debris. If you take off coats and shoes and leave them in a coat closet, you avoid bringing this dust further into your home.
  • Switch Out Heavy Linens – Thick curtains, rugs, and blankets can trap a significant amount of dust. If you switch these out for shear or lighter and remove any unnecessary blankets, you will trap less dust.

When these cleaning solutions are not enough to keep your Nashville home free of debris and comfortable, there are also professional air quality control options available. Lewis Comfort Control, a Nashville HVAC services and air quality expert, has a range of duct cleaning solutions that we can adapt to air quality concerns at your property to remove allergens, decrease the amount of dust, and keep the interior of your home cleaner all year long. Contact us to get more information about our air quality control solutions.

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