3 Ways to Lower Your Indoor Humidity Level

Spotty, foggy windows, inefficient fresh air supply, must odor, and clammy skin is some of the main signs of high indoor humidity levels.

Humidity can mark a lasting territory in your home if left untreated for long. It can cause mold growth, infestations, rotting wooden furniture, and skin allergies. High humidity also decreases the energy efficiency of your home. As it makes the indoor air warmer, you’re most likely to blast air conditioners, use exhausts, and turn up the HVAC system, which drives up the energy bills.

Moreover, excess moisture also poses a breeding ground for dust mites and other unwelcomed bacteria and pathogens, thereby increasing the number of air impurities. It can cause your home’s HVAC system to over-cooling the indoors.
Let’s discuss how you can reduce humidity levels in your home.

1. Install Efficient Exhaust Fans in the House

The absence of exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom might be the reason behind the high humidity levels inside your home. Exhaust fans help eliminate excess humidity and foul odor, keeping your home environment fresh and clean. Statistics show that a closed room can facilitate mold and bacterial growth as humidity can rise up to 55% times. To ensure your air conditioner’s efficiency, get in touch with Lewis Comfort Control for AC maintenance today.

2. Upgrade to a High-Efficiency HVAC Unit

High-efficiency HVAC systems are the answer to all kinds of humidity-related issues. They’re better equipped to manage the air density by working to improve your home’s moisture levels. Features like master control and system adjustments make it easier to manage the moisture level inside residential units.

To lower the humidity level during summertime, you can set the air conditioning pump at a lower speed to remove moisture without over-cooling the interiors. Our HVAC maintenance and repair experts can help keep your unit running to optimum efficiency throughout summers.

3. Duct Maintenance to the Rescue

Ducts can accumulate potentially dangerous dust particles and pathogens that can lead to mildew growth, some types of which can be toxic. They can also attract pests inside your home, resulting in inefficient air circulation.

If you’ve noticed the air inside your home has suddenly become more humid, you might want to call our duct cleaning services in Nashville right away!

At Lewis Comfort Control, our duct cleaning technicians and dehumidification services in Nashville are fully-trained and adept in their jobs. We also offer AC service and repair, furnace repair, heating service and repair, and HVAC maintenance services at the best rates across Nashville.

Reach out to us for more information.

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