Five Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

Five Signs That Your AC Needs Repair

Five Signs That Your AC Needs Repair 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

If your AC goes out on a hot day in Nashville, the results are miserable. Even with the fastest AC repair services, you will still spend at least a few hours dealing with high heat and humidity in your home.

But there are many times when the AC will not simply go out without first showing signs of a problem. You can avoid any uncomfortable situations by knowing what signs to look for and scheduling professional AC repair in Nashville whenever you notice these signs

Reasons to Call a Nashville AC Repair Company

Some problems with your AC can be difficult to detect since they occur slowly over time. When you run your AC every day, you may not notice them at first. It can help to take a moment to pay attention to how your AC is functioning when you turn it on at the start of each season so that you can better identify problems that may have developed over the past year.

Other issues may occur suddenly as the result of something breaking while the AC is in use. These problems include:

  • Hot Air – If hot air is blowing out of your vents, this is obviously a significant problem. Fortunately, the repairs are often relatively simple depending on the cause. The issue is usually due to a broken compressor or a leaking refrigerant. An HVAC repair technician will be able to provide a more specific diagnosis.
  • Unusual Sounds – The motor of an HVAC will make a quiet sound when running such as a humming noise. You may also normally hear your HVAC make a sound as it starts up. But any noises that you have not regularly heard or sounds like grinding, squealing, or rattling are usually indicators of a problem.
  • Bad Smells – There are a few different causes of unpleasant odors coming from your AC that do not go away. Musty or moldy odors could mean there is mold or allergens growing somewhere in the system and cleaning the ductwork replacing air filters is necessary. A strong and pungent smell may indicate that the insulation around wires has burned off and needs to be replaced.
  • Moisture and Leaks – Refrigerant leaks, clogged drain tubes, and issues with condensation can be precursors to another problem if not repaired. A buildup of moisture in the system can also provide the ideal place for mold to grow, threatening your family’s health.
  • High Humidity – Especially important in Nashville is the fact that AC also helps keep you cool by removing humidity from your home. If the humidity remains high while you have been running your AC or you start to see dampness on walls or windows, your AC might not effectively be removing humidity.

No matter what issue you have noticed with your AC, even if it is not one of the issues listed above, any unusual functioning is a good reason to call Lewis Comfort Control. We will identify what is causing the issue and determine what repairs are necessary to correct it. Take the first step towards achieving a more comfortable home by calling us today.