Should You Schedule AC Repairs in the Fall or Wait Until Spring? 

Should You Schedule AC Repairs in the Fall or Wait Until Spring? 

Should You Schedule AC Repairs in the Fall or Wait Until Spring?  150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

It is not unusual – although it is never recommended – that homeowners will notice something strange with their AC in the last few weeks of summer and opt to put off calling an AC repair company. After working hard all summer, your AC might be making unusual noises or seem to be struggling more to cool your home.

If you have been putting off calling for an AC repair because the problem was not that bad, now that summer is over, it feels like you can breathe a sigh of relief and put off that AC repair for several more months until you need your air conditioner next spring. The question is should you schedule this repair now before you shut down your AC for the winter or is it really all right to wait until the spring? 

When Should You Schedule Your AC Repair?

If you are going to continue running your AC for any length of time, it is always important to schedule an AC repair as soon as possible. Problems that start out small can quickly get bigger, more inconvenient, and more expensive every time your AC runs. Handling the problem immediately is the best way to manage it.

But if you will not be running your AC for several months during the winter, you have more flexibility in whether to schedule the repairs now or wait. These are some of the reasons to consider both options:

  • No More Worries – If you take care of your AC repairs now, you will not have to worry about them come spring or have them hanging over your head for the rest of the year. Instead, your AC will be ready to go when you need it. 
  • More Scheduling Flexibility – AC repair companies are generally busier in late spring and summer as more people have problems with their AC. Scheduling in the fall or winter may give you more flexibility and convenience in getting AC service at a time that works better for you.
  • Budgeting Options and Ease – AC repair or a replacement can be pricey. Holding off until later in the year or until spring gives you more time to save and budget your repair. 
  • Other Issues May Develop – If you get a repair now, but do not schedule an AC tune up prior to the start of summer, any issues that may have developed over the winter from cold temperatures, aging, or buildup of debris may also need to be fixed. This is not a concern if you already have AC maintenance planned for spring or the start of summer.

One myth worth dispelling is that AC repair and AC replacement are not necessarily cheaper in the winter. Although there is less demand for these services and new ACs at this time of year, HVAC technicians in Nashville are still busy with furnace repairs and installation services. Additionally, air conditioning manufacturers have stopped producing AC units.

If you do need AC replacement, it can sometimes be cheaper in February and March when last season’s AC units are potentially available at a lower cost since the new units are now in production, but in general, you should plan for AC repairs and replacements at a time that works for you and your budget, rather than planning for times that might potentially have a lower cost.

At Lewis Comfort Control, we can provide AC repair in Nashville at whatever time of the year works best for your family, and we always prioritize affordable services and high quality results to give you repairs that you will be able to rely on for the next season. Call us to get a free quote and schedule your Nashville AC repair.