Options for an AC Upgrade in Nashville 

Options for an AC Upgrade in Nashville 

Options for an AC Upgrade in Nashville  150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

Having an AC is a must for most Nashville homes. With the hot temperatures and humidity every summer, it is almost possible to make it through the warmer months without one. 

But when you are planning to replace an aging cooling system or install AC in a new property, you have a range of options. Selecting the right one will give you the AC that is best for your home cooling needs and budget.

Which Type of AC to Install This Summer? 

Modern cooling systems consist of one of three types of ACs – central air, mini ductless split system ACs, or a heat pump. Understanding the individual features of these different systems can help you determine which one is the best option for your home:

  • Central Air Conditioning – Central AC is a highly effective whole house cooling system. It uses an outdoor unit to produce cool air and a system of ductwork to deliver that air to the various rooms of your home. Modern central air conditioners are energy efficient and the right size unit will enable you to cool your entire home. 
  • Ductless AC – Ductless AC is a newer option. It uses indoor air handling units matched to an exterior unit. The system works by pulling warm air from the inside of your house and releasing it outside. Each indoor unit can cool rooms of up to a couple hundred square feet and has its own thermostat. This makes these a great option if you need to control the climate of rooms separately or if you have a single smaller space, such as a garage or addition, that you want to cool without buying new ductwork.
  • Heat Pumps – A heat pump is an alternative to both AC and furnace and provides climate control for your entire home in every season. It works by moving heat between indoors and out and is highly efficient for cooling and heating. It also offers space savings since you need only one unit, but will not work as well in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures.

Once you have decided on the type of AC you want to install, you still have a range of options in terms of features, capacity, energy efficiency rating, and more. Working with an experienced AC installation company in Nashville can help you navigate these decisions and others to get the right AC for your property.

Lewis Comfort Control provides AC installation in Nashville for all of these different systems and our team can work with you to answer any questions and help you select the right type of system for your property. Call us today to get more information on AC installation in Nashville.