How to Make Your Heat Pump More Efficient

How to Make Your Heat Pump More Efficient

How to Make Your Heat Pump More Efficient 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

A heat pump is already one of the most eco-friendly and cost effective ways to heat or cool your home in Nashville by drawing in heat from the outdoors to disperse throughout your home in the winter or funneling heat from inside your home back outdoors during the summer.

Heat pumps can keep your home comfortable in any season without using an excessive amount of electricity or gas as other HVAC systems do. But there are also a range of additional tips you can implement to help your heat pump work more efficiently, meaning better climate control and lower energy bills for your home.

Tips for Efficient Heat Pump Use

Heat pumps function differently than air conditioners or furnaces. If you are new to using a heat pump or simply looking for some ways you can cut down on cost, try these ideas:

  • Rely on Your Heat Pump – Some homes in Nashville have both a heat pump and auxiliary heating or cooling method. The heat pump is more efficient than your furnace or central air conditioning and highly capable, so turn it on first and use the furnace or AC to provide extra climate control when necessary.
  • Don’t Adjust the Temperature – Heat pumps function most efficiently when they are consistently running at the same temperature. This makes it best to set the temperature at the beginning of the season and leave it alone. This temperature may be slightly higher than where you typically set your furnace or lower than where you would set an AC thermostat because the heat pump works differently.
  • Deactivate Auto Mode – Auto mode on a heat pump will set the reversing valve based on the outdoor temperature, but this can throw off your heating and cooling if you have an unseasonal day. Turn this mode off and manually select heat or cooling mode.
  • Adjust the Fan Speed – The fan is important for distributing hot and cold air. While auto mode may be enough, also try adjusting the speed manually until you get to the lowest setting that is most comfortable for your home.
  • Change the Fan Direction – You want the fan to blow air towards the widest part of your space and try to avoid any obstacles in front of the unit that can block airflow.
  • Keep Things Clean – Clean the dust filters or use a local Nashville HVAC company to do it for you, anytime there is noticeable dirt collecting or an indicator light. Outdoors, keep the unit clean of debris and unobstructed by any plants or shrubs.
  • Scheduled Regular Maintenance – For best functioning, you should have your heat pump inspected and tuned up at least twice a year by a professional HVAC technician to keep everything performing optimally and make sure there are no issues that are hurting the efficiency of your heat pump.

For homeowners with heat pumps in Nashville, Lewis Comfort Control is the best local company for heat pump maintenance. With our expertise, we can perform professional heat pump maintenance. We can also use an inspection of your heat pump to offer solutions for more efficient functionality or repair problems that may be reducing your home’s comfort and inflating your energy bills. Contact us today to learn more about our services.