Why Furnaces in Nashville Malfunction?

Why Furnaces in Nashville Malfunction?

Why Furnaces in Nashville Malfunction? 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

There are a range of issues that could occur when a furnace malfunctions. Cold air, not enough air, weird noises, and strange sounds are all common occurrences that homeowners experience in Nashville with their gas furnaces.

Many of these issues require professional furnace repair for a safe and reliable service, but understanding what the initial cause was may help you prevent similar issues in the future and get a better understanding of how your appliances work.

Common Problems with Furnaces

When you are having an issue with your furnace not heating efficiently or acting unusual, an HVAC repair company in Nashville will determine the cause of the signs you are experiencing to discover which specific elements of the furnace are in need of repair. The cause of damage to these various elements may include:

  • Lack of Maintenance – Furnace manufacturers and HVAC companies in Nashville recommend annual maintenance on all equipment. This is important for replacing parts that wear over time, tightening and lubricating moving components, and identifying potential problems before they become worse. Skipping maintenance can put you at risk for many additional problems.
  • Age, Wear and Tear – Homeowners in Nashville use their furnaces almost every year, and natural age and wear and tear will eventually cause parts to start breaking down. At a certain point, many parts on your furnace will need to be replaced.
  • Pilot Light Goes Out – When your pilot light or lighter condition is not working, the furnace cannot produce hot air. The challenge here is that the pilot light may have merely gone out or there is a larger issue such as a clog or thermocouple problem that prevents the pilot light from staying lit.
  • Clogged Air Filters – Air filters are almost constantly pulling dust particles from the air while your furnace is running. Therefore, they need to be replaced frequently or they can cause reduced airflow and stress on other parts.
  • Broken Thermostat – If the thermostat is not working correctly, it cannot provide the correct information to the furnace, resulting in the wrong temperature of air.
  • Disconnected Power Source – An HVAC system needs to be connected to electrical power.  If electrical components such as wires or breakers are corroded or working incorrectly, that could also affect the functionality of the furnace.
  • Limit Switch – A malfunctioning limit switch can cause a furnace to run continuously. The fix is more complex and will usually involve repair or replacement.
  • Broken Internal Elements – If something breaks inside the furnace, it may start banging, rattling, or grinding against other parts, creating unpleasant noise.

At Lewis Comfort Control, we know how to address all of these issues and more when it comes to repairing furnaces in Nashville. Based on any signs you have noticed, we will determine what may be causing the issue and how best to correct it. Call our team if you need assistance with your furnace this winter.