What is a Heat Pump – and How to Determine If It is the Right Heating and Cooling Solution for You?

What is a Heat Pump – and How to Determine If It is the Right Heating and Cooling Solution for You?

What is a Heat Pump – and How to Determine If It is the Right Heating and Cooling Solution for You? 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

Almost every home in Nashville relies on an HVAC system to cool the interior environment in the summer and provide heat in the winter. This is possible with two separate units – an air conditioning and a furnace – or through the use of a single heat pump.

A heat pump can be an efficient and effective climate control solution for homes in Nashville when you are in need of a new HVAC option. Here are some details on how this system works and the pros and cons to help you determine if it is the right option for you.

Understanding How a Heat Pump Works

Most residential properties use a specific type of heat pump known as an air source heat pump that transfers heat between indoor and outdoor air to manage temperature. The heat pump does not generate warm or cool air as a furnace or AC would, but instead movies from place to place.

When you are cooling your house, the warm interior air passes over the coils of the heat pump, through which refrigerant is pumping. The refrigerant absorbs the warm air and pumps the remaining cool air back out into your home.

Meanwhile, the refrigerant has evaporated into gas due to the heat. Now the refrigerant in gas form moves to the outdoor unit. Because this gaseous refrigerant is warmer than the surrounding outdoor air, the heat will naturally dissipate, causing the refrigerant to turn back into liquid where it goes back inside to repeat the process.

Heating with a heat pump is the same process but in reverse, all controlled by a switch that sets the mode of the heat pump.

In comparison with a central air and furnace system, heat pumps offer several differences:

  • Heat Pumps are Energy Efficient – When compared to an air conditioner and furnace, a heat pump will generally use 30% to 60% less energy to create the same effect for significant cost savings on your electricity bill.
  • Better Humidity Control – Heat pumps are more effective in managing humidity than central air conditioning, which is extremely beneficial during humid days in Nashville and might enable you to forego the use of a dehumidifier in your Home.
  • Less Effective in Freezing Weather – On Nashville’s few days where temperatures drop below freezing, a heat pump will be less effective since there is not enough warm air outdoors to distribute inside.
  • More Expensive to Install – Despite later cost savings, a heat pump will often cost more than an AC during the initial installation.
  • Space Savings – Because you can use a single unit to provide heating and cooling, you can save significantly on space.

A heat pump offers a wide range of benefits as a heating and cooling solution for homes in Nashville and an increasing number of homeowners have upgraded to them for the comfort and cost savings they provide. If you are considering installing a heat pump at your home, Lewis Comfort Control offers Nashville heat pump installation and AC and furnace replacement to provide you with a high quality and long lasting HVAC system at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about our heat pump services.