Upgrading Your Window Units to Ductless AC

Upgrading Your Window Units to Ductless AC

Upgrading Your Window Units to Ductless AC 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

For a long time, the only alternative to central air was a window unit. These provide an affordable way to get air conditioning in a small space without the need to install an expansive ductwork system for central air, while also providing far more cooling power than fans. 

But mini split system air conditioning offer an alternative that can provide a better performance, more cost effective cooling, and a more modern look, making these the better option whenever you need to heat a smaller space at your home.

Benefits of a Mini Split System Ductless AC vs Window Units

A mini split AC is a ductless AC system. Rather than central air that uses a single outdoor unit to distribute cool air throughout your entire home through ductwork, a mini split has an individual indoor air handler unit connected to a corresponding outdoor unit. This is a heat pump system that cools by taking hot air from indoors and releasing it outside.

Each mini split can cool an individual room, usually up to a few hundred square feet depending on the capacity of the unit. It is possible to run up to 4 indoor units from a single outdoor unit for convenience and space saving, but each works separately, similar to running a window AC but with these advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency – A heat pump uses less energy than an AC. Additionally, new mini split system ACs use modern technology that makes them far more efficient than dated window units. With a ductless AC, your home will be more eco-friendly and you can save significantly on energy bills.
  • Zone Control – Because you can set each unit individually, you can have a different temperature in every room so that everyone in your home can be their most comfortable.
  • Less Intrusive – A mini ductless AC is installed near the ceiling and extends only a few inches beyond the wall. This means it is out of your way and not blocking any windows. Mini split systems are also extremely quiet, unlike the volume of most window units. 
  • Year Round Use – Because a mini ductless split system is a heat pump, it can heat as well as cool, unlike a window AC that only offers cooling. This provides a single affordable system that can keep you comfortable all year long. 

For homes still using window AC units to keep rooms cool, this summer may be the time to upgrade to a more efficient and effective mini split system AC. Lewis Comfort Control has AC installation in Nashville and we can install both central air and mini split system ACs to provide all of the cooling solutions you need to keep your home comfortable. Learn more about mini split AC, get a pricing quote, and start the process by contacting us today.