Understanding the Cost of AC Replacement

Understanding the Cost of AC Replacement

Understanding the Cost of AC Replacement 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

Replacing an AC unit is almost always a significant investment and the initial cost generally makes this a larger purchase. But because the right AC installed by an experienced and professional team will last for many years and often result in energy savings, the cost is justified.

When your existing air conditioning unit is no longer working efficiently, understanding the pricing for air conditioning replacement and the different factors that will contribute to your final price can help you make the most cost effective choice.

Pricing Components of AC Installation

When it comes to replacing an AC in Nashville, there are multiple factors that impact the cost of your cooling system. Every property is different in terms of cooling needs, existing systems, property design, and budget, meaning that every AC replacement or installation will be a customized process.

Both the air conditioning unit and equipment you choose, as well as the work necessary to install it will vary. This is why you should work with a Nashville AC replacement company to get the best possible idea of pricing. They will also be able to share options with you and suggest the right choices for your budget iIn terms of:

  • AC Type – A conventional central air system is an efficient way to cool an entire house. Other options include mini split system ductless AC, which is effective for small spaces where it can be a more affordable option, but may not be the best choice for an entire home. A heat pump offers both heating and cooling in one system for long term cost savings, although the initial cost of purchasing and installation will be significantly more.
  • Ductwork System – If you already have functioning ductwork in place, replacing or installing a new AC will require only replacing your existing unit. A property that needs new ductwork or ductwork repair will have a higher cost.
  • Air Conditioner Capacity – The square footage of your home, layout of doors and windows, and exterior shade well determine the necessary capacity for your AC. A larger capacity AC will subsequently have a higher price. Your AC company can help you select the right capacity without going too high or too low.
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – The SEER describes how much cooling power per energy input a unit will have. More efficient units will often be more expensive upfront, but can result in significant cost savings throughout their lifetime.
  • Additional Systems – In addition to heating and cooling, your HVAC system may provide dehumidification, humidification, and other air quality controls. Adding or replacing these systems during your AC replacement will also influence the cost.

Lewis Comfort Control, the leading HVAC and AC replacement company in Nashville, can help you navigate all of these decisions with personalized recommendations to ensure that you are getting a quality replacement at the best cost. With our competitive installation rates, Lewis Comfort Control is able to provide some of the most efficient and affordable AC replacement in Nashville. Contact our team to learn more.