Tips for Maintenance of Your Commercial Furnace

Tips for Maintenance of Your Commercial Furnace

Tips for Maintenance of Your Commercial Furnace 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

Furnace problems can be a real challenge that can lead to you facing expensive repairs or leaving your commercial property without heat on a cold day. But the good news is that most commercial furnace problems can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Commercial Maintenance Steps to Avoid Furnace Breakdowns

Regular maintenance of your furnace offers many cost saving benefits for commercial property owners. It makes your furnace more efficient to run throughout the winter season so that you pay less in heating costs. It also helps you avoid repairs and will make your furnace last for longer, meaning you pay for repairs less often.

The following maintenance steps are fast and low cost as well, but offer a highly effective way to make your HVAC system last longer:

  • Change Your Air – Air filters in commercial furnaces should be changed, at minimum, every month. If a commercial property generally has more than an average amount of dirt in the environment, you may need to change your air filter more frequently. The air filter pulls particles from the air that circulates through your furnace. As the filter fills up, the unit will have to work harder to push the same amount of air through, causing more stress on the system.
  • Keep Humidity at the Right Level – A bit of humidity in the air will help temperatures stay more constant and will be more comfortable. If your business place tends to get dry in the winters, you can install a humidifier as part of your HVAC system to increase the moisture in the air.
  • Don’t Block Your Vents – With the correct configuration, your vents can efficiently blow warm air into a space of almost any size. But if an object is blocking vents, it interrupts the ability of air to circulate and the furnace has to work harder. Make sure that no part of your storage or business operations in your commercial property blocks a vent to avoid creating extra work for the furnace.
  • Check Insulation – The quality of your insulation and the tightness of seals around your property will impact how much warm air can escape. By keeping windows and doors as tightly sealed as possible and adding insulation wherever possible, it will be easy to manage heat in a commercial property and you will not have to run your furnace as frequently to keep the environment comfortable. 
  • Schedule Regular Heating Services – During annual visits, the heating service technician will check your furnace to make minor adjustments and plan for larger repairs in order to optimize the functionality.

Lowis Comfort Control is a commercial HVAC company in Nashville that provides heating services for commercial properties in the area. We can also look for other solutions to help you maintain your furnace over the long run. Learn more about our commercial heating services when you contact our team.