Should You Get a Smart Thermostat for Your Home? 

Should You Get a Smart Thermostat for Your Home? 

Should You Get a Smart Thermostat for Your Home?  150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

When making upgrades to HVAC systems, the focus is almost always on the mechanical parts of the system itself, such as the unit and ductwork. One area that is often overlooked is the thermostat. But updating your thermostat gives you an opportunity to take advantage of new technology in the form of a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat offers all the same benefits as a standard thermostat with the ability to program your system and control operating times while also incorporating a Wi-Fi connection to connect your thermostat to phones and home controls, and collect relevant data about your heating and cooling habits. All of these features enable you to maintain your home’s comfort more conveniently, more efficiently, and more cost effectively.

How a Smart Thermostat Can Contribute to Your Home’s Heating and Cooling 

With a range of smart thermostats on the market today, you can install a smart thermostat that offers specific features from syncing up to your existing home automation system or incorporating specific smart learning techniques. Some of the leading benefits of a smart thermostat in Nashville homes include:

  • User-Friendly Interfaces – Older thermostats with digital displays and dials can be cumbersome to set. Smart thermostats are much easier to navigate with interactive LED displays, making it possible to fine tune your thermostat program. You can also use the mobile app to set your thermostat for an extremely easy experience.
  • Remote Access – Smart thermostats sync up with your phone so that you can set your AC from anywhere. You can check if you turned it off while you are at work or turn your AC on as you drive back home from vacation to come back to a perfectly cool house.
  • Data Collection and Learning – Smart thermostats track energy use and start to learn your preferences in terms of when you are active, when you are gone, and when you might want cooler temperatures, such as in the evening before you go to bed. With this data, the smart thermostat can start to adjust itself in order to provide you with comfortable temperatures in the most cost effective way. 

Other smart thermostats can offer additional benefits, like syncing up with Alexa, Google Home, or another system. This offers the convenience of turning on and off in response to voice controls and more.

If you are already planning to replace your AC, updating to a smart thermostat at the same time is a great way to optimize your entire system at once. You can also upgrade to a smart thermostat at any time and start taking advantage of the cost savings and ease of use immediately.

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