HVAC Considerations When You Have Pets 

HVAC Considerations When You Have Pets 

HVAC Considerations When You Have Pets  150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

When you have cats or dogs in your family, your home will look a little different than others in terms of cleaning needs and keeping your pets comfortable. Heating and cooling in your home is another area that you will need to pay special attention to as a pet owner.

These ideas will help keep your heating and cooling are working well without skyrocketing costs while also keeping your pets safe and happy.

HVAC Maintenance with Dogs and Cats

A primary concern when you have cats or dogs in your home is pet dander. Not only can this be challenging in your living spaces, but too much of it can also result in air filter clogs. A more significant accumulation of dust and debris through your air conditioning or furnace will quickly result in increased heating and cooling costs, unnecessary wear on your system, and discomfort and inconvenience for you.

Some of the best ways to prevent hair from getting into your HVAC system and other solutions for saving on costs include:

  • Regular Cleaning – Sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting around your home can help you pick up any shed hair that pets have left behind before that hair can get into your vents.
  • Groom Your Dogs Regularly – Following the recommended grooming for your breed of cat or dog will help limit the amount of hair and dander that they can scatter around your house before it can become trapped in your air ducts.
  • Replace Air Filters – Many pet owners find that their air filters clog up before the recommended time for replacement due to pet hair. Check yours frequently and replace them when needed since these clogs force your AC to work harder and consume more energy.
  • Set Your Thermostat Correctly – Unless there is a specific health concern, most cats and dogs are comfortable in a wider variety of temperatures than people are. You can still raise your thermostat or you can raise your AC or lower your heat when you leave without any harm to your pets. Anywhere in the 65 to 80 range is usually sufficient for your cat or dog.
  • Protect Your Outdoor Unit – If your AC unit is on the ground, fencing it off while still allowing enough room for air circulation will help keep away cats that might claw or dogs that might chew on wires and hoses.

Another service that anyone with pets should consider should use regularly is professional air duct cleaning. All the debris from your pet that does not get caught in filters can settle in your air ducts and every time your heat or AC comes on, the dust will blow through your home, creating an ongoing issue with dust and allergens that require you to constantly clean or deal with allergy symptoms.

Lewis Comfort Control offers duct cleaning in Nashville. We use a range of professional equipment and practice techniques to gently remove pet fur and other debris from delicate duct work for an all around cleaner and healthier home. Whether you have noticed an increase in pet hair and debris or want to schedule regular Nashville duct cleaning to keep your home clean all year round, contact Lewis Comfort Control.