How to Make Your Commercial HVAC System More Efficient 

When you own commercial property in Nashville, there is a good chance that your HVAC system is running nearly all year long. Many property owners rely on AC to keep cool in the summer and heating to keep warm in want, while also needing clean and healthy indoor air year round. 

Having your system running this extensively can quickly become costly for businesses in terms of energy bills, increasing the amount you spend on heating and cooling and impacting your bottom line. These tips can help commercial property owners make an HVAC system run more efficiently and save them money.

Ways to Run Your HVAC System More Efficiently

An efficient heating and cooling system will be able to meet the climate control needs of your space, still keeping you comfortable but requiring significantly less effort and energy costs to do so. An HVAC system that runs efficiently also means the equipment experiences less stress and will often last longer, giving you additional savings since you will not have to pay to replace and install new equipment as soon.

Some of the ways that you can make your HVAC run more efficiently include:

  • Use a Smart Thermostat – New smart thermostats connect to your WiFi network. This offers the added convenience that you or your property manager can set your thermostat from anywhere. You can also achieve greater precision in scheduling. But the most prominent benefit is that a smart thermostat can track usage and use analysis to set your thermostat to the optimal temperature in terms of comfort and energy usage.
  • Schedule AC Servicing – Regular HVAC services from a commercial HVAC professional will tune up your HVAC and it is best to schedule these services at least twice a year. An HVAC service can handle all of the problems that make your AC work harder, such as clogged filters and drains, frozen coils, and worn parts that have become less effective. 
  • Consider Auxiliary Equipment – Certain factors can require your AC to work harder to provide adequate cooling. This includes high humidity or a significant amount of dust and particles in your air that clog up filters. Equipment like a dehumidifier to help balance indoor humidity or an air filtration system can provide solutions that work in tandem with your AC for better overall efficiency.
  • Upgrade to a More Energy Efficient Unit – As technology has evolved, HVAC equipment has become more efficient. An air conditioner or furnace will also naturally decline in its efficiency over its lifespan. By upgrading to a new model that is optimized for your commercial facility, you will be able to get many years of far more efficient climate control and the lower cost of operating a new AC or furnace will often offset the initial installation costs. 

If you are looking to implement these solutions or are considering other ways to make your commercial HVAC system more efficient, Lewis Comfort Control can provide personalized recommendations for the steps you should take. Local businesses can also rely on our commercial HVAC services to repair, install, and maintain your system at the highest possible efficiency. Get started with a call to our team.

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