Can Your House Benefit from a UV Light in Your HVAC System?

Can Your House Benefit from a UV Light in Your HVAC System?

Can Your House Benefit from a UV Light in Your HVAC System? 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

Whether you are more aware of germs and bacteria in the wake of the pandemic or are simply looking for different ways to make your home as healthy as possible, one potential option is adding a UV light to your HVAC system. 

Artificial UV light is on the same spectrum as the sun’s rays and will have the same effect of killing bacteria, mold, mildew, and other harmful particles that can enter your HVAC system and begin to circulate throughout your home. This can make it a valuable addition to your home. Here is what you need to know if you are considering installing one.

How UV Sanitation Lights Work to Improve Indoor Air Quality 

UV rays can be damaging to living materials. This is why sunscreen is recommended because of the damage the sun’s UV rays can do to skin cells. But with controlled use in air quality control, these same effects can be beneficial.

UV rays, which stands for ultraviolet rays, penetrate the nucleus of the cell and kill it. A UV light goes inside the system and attacks airborne particles as they circulate through the system during heating or cooling. Afterward, the air that returns to your living space is cleaner than before.

UV light kills any living biological organisms that could cause disease or contribute to mold growth and related allergies. Some of the other benefits and drawbacks to this system include:

  • Significantly Cleaner Air – A UV light is effective against 99% of household germs, which is a significant improvement to any air quality.
  • More Efficient Energy Usage – Because the UV disinfectant is helping to remove dust from the air, your overall HVAC system will stay clear and be able to heat or cool with less power.
  • Regular Maintenance is Necessary – Dust moving through your system can collect on the lightbulb and will need to be regularly removed. You will also need to change out UV bulbs whenever they go out.
  • Maintenance Can Be a Challenge – Because of the risks with UV light, it is best to leave UV sanitation and maintenance to professionals.
  • UV Lights are Not Effective Against Viruses – UV disinfecting only works on bacteria, mold, and mildew, but not viruses.
  • Still Needs Air Filters – The UV light kills particulates, but does not remove them from the air so you also need to have air filters that will help cut down on dust.

These features make up UV sanitation systems a functional option for improving indoor air quality, especially for homes where a buildup of bacteria or mold is a significant concern. For homeowners in Nashville who are interested in exploring other ways to improve indoor air quality, Lewis Comfort Control can help. We are a local HVAC company with a range of solutions for air quality management and methods to improve your health and comfort. Contact us today to get started.