Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning in Nashville

Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning in Nashville

Benefits of AC Coil Cleaning in Nashville 150 150 Lewis Comfort Control

An air conditioning unit depends on several different components to help cool air and remove humidity before delivering more temperate air back into your home, but two of the most important components are the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. Coil cleaning is a great way to keep these components in good condition.

Exposure to the elements and to the air inside your home often means that AC coils will accumulate dust, leading to a few different problems in terms of efficiency and air quality. Professional coil cleaning in Nashville and other regular AC servicing on a regular schedule will help you avoid these problems.

How Coils in Your AC Provide Cool Air 

An air conditioner works by pulling heat from the air in your house, leaving only cool air behind. This is possible by circulating the air in your home over the evaporator coil. This coil, housed in the interior of the AC unit, contains refrigerant. As the warm air passes over the coil, the heat transfers to the refrigerant. The now cooler air then returns to your home.

The now warm refrigerant moves to the condenser coil on the exterior of the AC unit, and the heat from the refrigerant disperses into the outdoor air. The cycle then begins again.

Why It is Important to Keep AC Coils Clean?

Both the evaporator and the condenser coils will start to build up dust on their surfaces over time. Since the condenser coil is exposed, contact with the elements can lead to dirt. The evaporator coil will more often collect dust from the air inside your home. 

This buildup of dust is a problem for several reasons, including:

  • Less Exposed Coil Surface Area – The layer of dust between the coil and the air limits the contact area and how much heat transfer can occur. This will significantly decrease the efficiency of an AC unit, forcing your AC to work harder, which is both more costly and puts more stress and wear on an AC.
  • Corrosive Dust –  Different types of dust, especially the pollution and soot that your outdoor condenser coil can come in contact with, are corrosive. The dust can start to weaken the coils, allowing for refrigerant leaks that can lead to far more significant problems.
  • Dust in Your Home – Dust on the evaporator coil can be carried into your home as well. It can clog filters and start to line your ductwork. This will lead to having the particles in your living space where you can breathe them in or have to deal with more cleaning.

Cleaning AC coils is the best way to avoid these problems. The minimum recommended schedule is once per year for Nashville AC coil cleaning, but it may be necessary to clean them more often if your AC runs very frequently, your unit is older, or you live in a location where dust builds up more quickly. 

By checking your coils every few months or when your AC seems to be running inefficiently, you can often get a better idea of how frequently cleaning is necessary for your particular unit. If your coils need cleaning frequently, an HVAC technician can also help you consider other solutions, like duct cleaning to remove excessive dust from your home.

Lewis Comfort Control provides coil cleaning in Nashville to keep your air conditioner efficient, your energy bills down, and your indoor air quality healthy. Reach out to our team to schedule AC condenser coil cleaning.